1. Thank you so much! My dad sacrifices at the alter of politics. All his hope is in the man with clay feet. He has used the “wasted vote argument,” with me before.

    I just can’t see myself voting for candidates who don’t seem to have my best interests at heart. In 2016, I wasted my vote by not voting.

    Even Jesus had to struggle with the politics of his time. I mean they wanted the Lion of Juda and not the lamb! I don’t think that would have been as loving if He came as a lion first then a lamb at the second coming.

    In the same vein it hurts my heart to see everybody get so up in arms every election. Quite frankly, over a lifetime it doesn’t really matter because man made laws are changeable, but eternal laws can’t be. That’s why I just don’t get why people get so caught up in all the passion.

    As our pastor said one Sunday, if we talked about God nearly as much as we did politics we could win a lot of people to Jesus Christ.

    Best of luck to you my brother in whatever God has called and is calling you to do!

    Be Blessed!

  2. Lydia Ruth

    I loved this blog until the last line. If voting for a 3rd party isn’t wasting a vote, then voting for no one isn’t wasting a vote either. With no viable 3rd party candidate in 2020 and my conscience not allowing me to vote for either candidate because of who they were as people plus party policies, I chose not to vote. Once that decision was made my vote became unavailable and would have no affect upon the election for either party. How would a decision to vote for a 3rd party candidate be any different from choosing not to vote for either? You have 4 groups in any election. Say each group number 100. Group A 100 Republicans; Group B 100 Democrats; Group C 100 people who have decided not to vote or people who will vote for a 3rd party candidate; and Group D 100 undecided voters. Once you step into Group C you vote becomes unavailable for either party to use to win this hypothetical election. The winning party has to win by getting a majority of Group D.

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