1. Mike H

    Lots of references here. Wow.

    Everybody gets tested. I think it’s a major purpose of human life. Some people think that when they become a Christian their problems will all go away. Nope. The problems become solvable with Gods help though, whereas before they were not.

    Paul advised the church to “confess your sins to each other for the healing of your minds”. There is absolutely a psychological aspect to church and everything else people do. Being plugged in to a group of likeminded spiritual people helps a lot, but prayer is the most important thing to keep a sound spiritual mind.

    Coming back to God after a spiritual defeat is one of the most difficult things I have found. But what other choice is there? Die? No, so long as I’m still breathing then I figure God still loves me because the devil would like nothing more than to kill me and drag me away to hell. God is still
    Protecting me and giving me more time. I know I probably don’t deserve it, but that is love. Gods love is strong. Like a father for his dear children. He’ll never give up on you. But he loves us so much he will let us give up on him if we really choose too. I’ve been on both sides now more than once in my life.

    • Helen

      Thank you Mike! I’m glad to have seen your post albeit 1 year later. Am deeply encouraged both by yr words n the author’s great insight. Theres alot of stigma about depression n anxiety which is not widely discussed. I felt ashamed as a Christian n guilt towards God n being very disappointed with myself for not exercising enough faith. There are beliefs that these are not a medical but a psychological condition which can be delivered if I surrender my worries. But many times, the symptoms are shown in insomnia and night terrors. I do not have severe anxiety nor depression but a mild one. Yes, CBT does help to change my perspectives but somehow anxiety still manifest in stressful dreams and restless nights. I prayed alot and sometimes sharing with fellow Christian’s doesn’t help cos they do not understand. Most says that it is a spiritual problem. I felt very guilty taking meds for sleep n anxiety, cos it is God who gives me rest then why am I taking these? I really tried my best in my work n surrendered to God but why am I not sleeping well? I have come to a point where I’ll just tell God that I have done all that I could, seeking professional help so that i can focus on getting on with my life and Him. God will heal me some day, maybe not today. But i will not give up praying n to try to wean off the meds. Renewal of the mind is important. Easy to change perspectives in a day but it takes time to completely change and be confident with the new perspective, hence behavior. It is good to share with Christian’s who knew what anxiety is. Thank you!

      • Helen my son suffers from all the same things ,we are Christians and it’s sad seeing him hurt like this and he has no one who understands. Praying for all who hurt. God bless you

  2. “Jesus and Paul understood both, first century and twenty first century minds. First century believers had a life expectancy of only 55 years! There was no pediatric care, antibiotics, nor ample supplies of food and clean water. Our lives may be unnecessarily full of issues, but our first century brethren lived in constant anxiety over survival itself!

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “The World’s Favorite Bible Verses.”

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