1. Mike H

    Well written article Neal.

    To add to your point about objectivity in science it is demonstrated that something like 80% of peer reviewed experiments can not be independently replicated. Peer Reveiw only means one’s colleagues looked it over on paper. The lack of repeatability is a major embarrassment to scientists and you don’t hear about it much.

    There might be a quantum effect happening with that too, in which the observer affects the outcome of the experiment by looking at it. Weird, but true. Jesus alluded to this too when he said he couldn’t do many miracles in his hometown because the people didn’t believe it.

    As far as I can tell the Bible does not contradict known science. The earth IS six days old. Six heaven days. My guess is that one heaven day is the equivalent to about one billion years on earth. Scientists figure the universe is about six billion years old and the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Time is relative to speed and mass. God is massive so time runs more slowely there.

    The idea that God is disproved by science because we can’t measure him is nonsense. People hold the view because they want to. I agree with you and the Psalm author that Gods handiwork is visible every day. There’s no way the universe would self organize into what it is.

    Around 90% of the mass of the universe is invisible and scientists refer to it as dark matter or dark energy. Really, they can’t tell what’s holding the galaxies together.

    I guess evolution is the main scientific argument against the Bible. In my opinion, people interpret Genesis too narrowly. God created birds before people. We now know birds are evolved from dinosaurs. The book doesn’t say there weren’t other humanoid peoples on earth before Adam. It only talks about Adam. It does hint at it when Cain pleads with God to not send him out into the “nations”. What nations? He’s the second generation human. Was he talking about the future? I doubt it. The Adamic humans probably killed those other ones off.

    All people on earth have a genetic marker on their mitochondria that is passed down from their mother. All humans actually derive from one original mother. Strange, but true. The similarities between humans and animals and shared DNA portions is because the same artist painted them.

    It’s actually insulting to God to believe that the cosmos created itself. Did the Mona Lisa paint itself too?

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