1. Mike H

    Interesting blog.

    In my view the events are literal and that’s why the earth population is so distressed. God and science are not mutually exclusive and all the miracles described in the Bible have some type of scientific explanation too, even if it’s some unknown explanation to our understanding of science at this time.

    Using a little imagination I think the first trumpet is an asteroid that the governments try to blow up. It breaks into many little pieces and rains fiery prices down all over. Forest fires everywhere. All grasslands are burnt up. Not sure what the blood is, but it is probably human blood. Or maybe it’s a big alien ship shot down?

    Second trumpet clearly looks like a large meteor strikes the earth. Shooting down the first meteor was a disaster so they let the second one fall in the ocean intact. Shorelines are wrecked everywhere from the huge tsunami. The oceans circulatory system is disrupted. Many fisheries are ruined.

    Third trumpet looks like a nuclear exchange. The global situation is so bad from the meteor strike that global political balance is lost and radicals push the button. The bitterness described is radiation. Or maybe chernoble pops again and spreads radiation around the northern hemisphere. Chernoble is the Russian word for wormwood. Personally I think it’s a metaphors for nuclear exchange. The blazing great star is hydrogen bombs exploding.

    The fourth trumpet is the nuclear winter that results from the bombs. Not all the sunlight is blocked out but enough is that most crops won’t grow. Massive starvation ensues.

    Bad times. Better know what your about. Likelihood of living through it is low.

    Question is when? My guess, based on progress of science now, is within the next few decades. A lot of this stuff is actually caused or compounded by people, but they will probably blame God.

  2. Di Ferrara

    Wow Mike, what an interesting and insightful commentary. I agree on so many levels and this is 2020 when the evidence of God’s hand is being witnessed by the world ie pandemic. That is such a great reference re wormwood. I didn’t know Chernoble is Russian for Wormwood. i really loved reading your comment…very credible and possibly what will happen. Any more observations given it is now 3 years since your last and we are living in extraordinary times.

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