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  1. William TM

    “Free speech gives us the ability to share the gospel, worship God, and proclaim the truth without fear of retaliation by the government.“

    This is demonstrably false, and you even admit so within the article:

    “…God gives us the ability to say any words that we choose…”

    However, why is it demonstrably false? I could say, “look out the window and see it raining satanic blasphemy laws” but I will be more specific. Namely, we are seeing it become functionally illegal (laws first being socially enforced conventions throughout history) to speak the truth. You admit this also within the article.

    Free Speech is not only imaginary (as opposed to freedom of thought and conscience) but it is also a Lie of the Wicked, used to subvert and then conquer. Note that those who once championed “Free Speech” are now pulling up the ladder.

    While I am not certain on its proper implementation, Christian blasphemy laws are a necessary condition for the maintenance of Christian society.

    At a minimum, we ought not tolerate any blasphemous, lewd, or other subversive forms of expression. We ought “trade in our cloaks for swords” and uprightly speak the truth about these things. That they are evil works performed by servants of Satan.

    The time draws neigh to choose a side. And Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, will spit out the lukewarm water.

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