1. I’m worried, is blocking somebody on social media who discriminates against me, a sin?
    Is it taking revenge. I feel like I have to take this action cuz they are not good company and bring me down. I don’t hate this person. Is it wrong? Should I have not blocked them?

    • neal.hardin1@gmail.com

      In general, I would say no, blocking them isn’t wrong, but without knowing the details, it’s hard to say with absolute certainty. As you seem to indicate, you need to examine your own motives too and ask God what he would have you do. Ultimately, pray for wisdom and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

  2. AsianMe

    I currently have a boss that harassed me verbally in front of others and makes smug or cutting comments towards me if he is not getting his way from others. For 6 months I endured it and thought it was just me but I started having panic attacks and anxiety, when I examined myself, it was the way I have been treated for awhile by him. I finally went to his boss and his boss told me that a lot of people have come to him about how my boss hurt people with his approach – internal and vendors. He told me to send him documentation of times he was abusive and I did. I called HR per his instruction after again in front of colleagues my boss verbally attacked me. In this case, I’m conflicted. It’s seems that the message I’m getting as a Christian is to just let it be. To just let the abuse continues and wait on God. Should have I just endured the abuse? Let him abuse others too? For the record, I have never been disrespectful towards him or raise my voice. Anyway, are Christians supposed to just endure?

    • neal.hardin1@gmail.com

      No one is obligated to endure abuse, even as a Christian. I think that in situations where remediation can be sought, then it should. But Christians are always called to do good and love others, even those who abuse them. Seeking help is in no way unloving or unkind.

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