1. Neal, your blog is awesome. You are writing with so much clarity on some obviously contentious social and moral issues. Thanks for your testimony, and openness. I’d say there is no better way to go about discussing the hard issues of same-sex attraction and the Gospel than they way you are doing it right here. God bless you. I wish we had had more time to get to know each other back at Biola, but I think we only had one class together.

    Regarding your post, I’ve thought a lot about my own “thorn” which is outbursts of anger. For whatever reason, when I became a Christian as an adult, God did take away, rather powerfully, some of my sin habits. But, my anger, He has not, at least not entirely. I’ve developed some methods to get a grip on my outbursts, but if the right conditions arise, I can blow my stack, and it can be violent, really violent (like holes in walls violent).

    Fortunately I am not as physically fit or strong as I used to be (studying in the library all day will do that to you), so perhaps I am not as intimidating as when I was in the army. But, I’ve often wondered if certain features of sexual attraction and anger are similar, at least in the sense of how they can overcome one so quickly, so involuntarily. I also think that I will always struggle with anger, and I have also wondered what my anger redeemed might look like, as you here have wondered what sexuality redeemed will look like in the new creation. Because I also have a different identity. I am not just “an angry man.” I am a Christian, struggling against anger.

    Could it be that my anger will be something like justice, when God completes it in heaven? Could it be that our sexual desire, will be a mighty love? I pray it will.

    Thanks brother, God bless you and your ministry for the Kingdom.

  2. Jeeyun Lim

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your struggles. I think that sometimes we can be simplistic in the way we encourage one another, or even as we do it out of love we don’t always fully understand how best to exhort someone. I love that you wrestled with the uneasiness that you were feeling in receiving that prayer and turned it into a constructive thoughtful reflection on God’s intent but also be able to look with hope towards what is there to come. I pray with you today that God would give us an extra measure of grace as we pursue holiness in this life, and that we’d continue to gaze upon God as we await for the new Jerusalem where all things will indeed be made right and perfect.

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