1. Mike H

    I pretty much agree with your conclusion.

    Most Americans probably wouldn’t though because most aren’t looking at the Bible as a moral reference anymore. However, many people do perceive the fetus to be alive anyway because of its biological characteristics.

    Pro choice advocates would argue that even if the fetus is alive the woman still has the right to kill it if she wants because it’s her body, not the government’s. I do see their point but actually the government already intervenes in a lot of things to make you do, or not do something with “your body”. Really every law makes you do something that ultimately impacts your physical existence, so the abortion issue really isn’t different.

    The thorny part is there are two possible citizens sharing the same body during pregnancy, so who gets represented in the law?

    Abortion apart from medical necessity is just too terrible and evil, in my opinion. What is more sacred than life itself? And who needs protection more than the youngest and weakest among us? I do sympathize with women’s rights argument that the government “can’t tell me what to do with my body”, but they already do anyway in just about every way immaginable to everyone. So I’m not buying that.

    Having a kid is a huge inconvenience to some people, I know. But murder isn’t the answer.
    Go to some other country if you want an abortion. America should not be a child murdering land.

    It’s sad we even have to have this discussion. Having a baby was seen as a blessing and sacred in almost every culture, including our own until recently.

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