1. Cathy Cook Templeton

    Thank you for describing the argument in detail and with Scripture as the foundation. I kept hearing arguments on both sides of the aisle and then I opened Proverbs today and saw the word “equity.” I stopped in my tracks! I needed to explore this word and how it is being used in our politics and culture. This is the best article that I have read on it and am thankful!

  2. Anonymous

    It would be more accurate to say equity is letting everyone start at the same place not end up at the same place.

  3. Jeff Moran

    Great read and spot on. Thank you for investing and sharing your thought, effort and time.

  4. Adam Shields

    I agree with much of this, but there is an aspect that is missing. There are inequitable systems and that lack of equity may be sinful or not sinful. The bible addresses unequal scales which is a type of systemic inequity. If you are the seller and the scales always favor you, then that system is unjust, not just the individual or culture.

    It is easy to look at historic examples of institutions that were inequitable, for instance the FHA originally financed the development of much of the suburbs. FHA gave out loans for developers and loans for final purchasers of homes. To get loans as a developer, you had to agree that only a single race would be allowed to purchase homes in that development and that there was a racial covenant attached to the deeds preventing that purchaser from reseling the home to someone of a different race. That is a system that was constructed with a lack of equity from the start.

    Using a non-govt recent example Countrywide Mortgage agreed to a $300 million settlement in 2012 because of evidence that their mortgages were particularly targeting African American and Hispanic family for refinancing loans or new purchase home loans that were more expensive, with higher fees and with less favorable terms in ways that was explicitly racial. No one faced jail even though thousands of people lost there homes and there was clear examples of fraud, changed terms, forged documents, etc.

    It was not a culture or purely individual sin, but a systemic one where the company created incentives to violate federal housing and banking law perpetuating historic inequity.

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